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How to clean stubborn toilet bowl ring for $0.25 

Diana Walker knows a thing or two about tips for the home. On her blog, Anyone Can Decorate, she shares DIY and decorating tips to help people learn to decorate and add a splash of personality to any space. She can often be found at flea markets and garage sales, searching for hidden gems. "I tend to use vintage and salvaged items that are a bit rustic and shabby," she writes on her blog. "I love that they add warmth, charm and character to any space."
However, while Diana is most well-known for her fabulous decorating tricks, she is also praised for her DIY skills. One of her hot tips is how to clean a stubborn toilet-bowl ring for only $0.25 -and without harsh chemicals. "I've tried to clean it with liquid toilet bowl cleaner and with Comet but have had absolutely no luck. I didn't really have to buy expensive chemical cleaners then I got an idea," explains Diana.
When Diana was thinking about how to best clean her stubborn toilet bowl ring, she felt inspired by her success cleaning the soap scum out of her dishwasher.
The secret? Lemon Kool-Aid. It works because the citric acid breaks down the hard water deposits with very little scrubbing.
To clean your toilet bowl using Lemon Kool-Aid, flush the toilet, wait for the water to settle, and then sprinkle the Kool-Aid around the edges. Let it sit for about an hour and then use a toilet brush to scour the sides.
For Diana's full directions, visit the Anyone Can Decorate blog.
Diana's use of Kool-Aid as a secret cleaning agent has many uses. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Kool-Aid can also be used to clean the dishwasher too. All you have to do there is simply run Lemon Kool-Aid through your empty dishwasher.
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